GM Constantin Zabal (7º Dan)

O Grão-Mestre Constantin Zabbal, vai ministrar as aulas de Ho Shin Sul e Taekwon Robics no 7º Workshop.


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Constantin’s Hall of Fame

Mr Zabbal was born 24 July 1960. He started training Taekwondo in 1971 in Lebanon, Khonchara School. During his youth he also tried other Martial arts as Judo, Karate and Jiujutsu. On the 18 Nov 1987 Mr Zabbal moved to Sweden, where he founded Bouddha Taekwondo club Sweden. Originally there were Bouddha Taekwondo clubs located in Bjuv, Örkelljunga, Ängelholm, Klippan, Halmstad and Hässleholm. Constantin was in charge of all of them. Today his students are spread all over Sweden and many of them have started their own clubs He visits several of them frequently.

During the same time Mr. Zabbal started two fitness studios at two of the Taekwondo locations and was also teaching “Hand to hand combat” and “tactical army movement” to the military on Halmstad IB 16, as well as teaching self-defense to the Police force in Ängelholm. 1990 he made ground for the, at the time, new WTF fighting rules in Sweden and he was the Swedish Referee committee chairman for five years, conducting over 50 seminars and educating the referees himself. Constantin was also working for the community in Ängelhom as a personal student assistant and was involved in helping children and youths with personal problems, as being aggressive, violent and criminal. He was contact person and supervisor for youths with criminal records and also has an education as guard conducted by the police.

1999 Mr. Zabbal moved to Germany where he has founded Budokwan e.V., and the Gladiators, which are located in Frankfurt and Ober Erlenbach. He is the president and head instructor and conducts Taekwondo, MMA and Taibo training in both clubs. Mr. Zabbal has been Referee chairman of the Hessische Taekwondo Union e.V. (HTU), for several years he was cadre trainer for the Hessen Taekwondo Team, Kyurogi and since 2012 he is cadre trainer for Hessen Taekwondo Team, Poomsae.

Mr Zabbal is also the founder of the Gadiators in Lebanon which conducts MMA training.

During his career, Mr.Zabbal has been invited to participate as an international Referee in several Major International Championships, for example World Championships and Qualification Tournaments for the Olympic Games. He has several honors and awards from, for example, The Swedish Budo Federation for his work and efforts for Taekwondo in Sweden, from different German organizations as well as WTF and other national and international instances.

Mr Zabbal can be reached at his home address:

Hugenottenstr. 110, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Phone: +49 177 6718817

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Constantin’s Hall of Fame


  • 05.02.2003 - 6 Dan TKD,WTF
  • 05.02.2003 - 6 Dan TKD, LF
  • 27.04.2008 - 7 Dan TKD, DTU
  • 2009 - 7 Dan TKD, WTF
  • 12.09.2003 - 6 Dan Close Quarter Combat Systems, Hapkido Association


  • International Master Intructor, TKD, WTF
  • European Technical Judge, TKD
  • International Referee, TKD Kyorogi, WTF, 1 class
  • International Referee, TKD Poomsae, WTF, 2 class
  • Mixed Martial Arts Instructor’s license
  • Judo and Karate Diploma, LF
  • Karate Instructor C-class, SBF
  • Bodybuilding Instructor and Twinlab counselor in nutrition
  • Taekwondo Instructor A-class, DTU


Mr Zabbal continuously participates in different seminars as listed below and also offers and conducts different seminars himself.

International referee seminars and refreshing courses

  • International Instructor Seminars
  • General TKD Training
  • Wing Chun Gung Fu
  • Training for children
  • Training for Adults
  • Hapkido seminars
  • MMA
  • CPR
  • Krav Maga
  • Self-defense


1983 Lebanese Championship, fight - 1 Place
1984 Lebanese Championship, fight - 1 Place
1985 Lebanese Championship, fight - 1 Place
1986 Lebanese Championship, fight - 1 Place
1987 Lebanese Championship, fight - 1 Place
1988 Swedish Championship, fight - 3 Place
1998 World Combat Championship - 3 Place
1998 Scandinavian Champ., Poomsae, Denmark - 2 Place
1999 Swedish Combat Champions - 2 Place
03.06.2000 International Bayrische Poomsae, Rödental - 3 Place
19.05.2001 Int. Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 2 Place
19.05.2001 Int. Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Wiesbaden - Team 1 Place
21.10.2001 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Seulberg - 1 Place
21.10.2001 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Seulberg - Synchron 1 Place
21.10.2001 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Seulberg - Paarlauf 3 Place
21.10.2001 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Seulberg - team 2 Place
11.05.2002 Int. Hessen Champ. Poomsae. Wiesbaden 2 Place
19.10.2002 Hessen Championship Poomsae, Hainhausen - 1 Place
02.11.2002 Int. German Champ. Poomsae, Heilbronn - 3 Place
2003 International Scandinavian Champ. - 2 Place
10.05.2003 Int. Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 1 Place
15.06.2003 European Champ. Poomsae, France - 5 Place
01.11.2003 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Hainhausen - 1 Place
11.02.2003 Nordic Championship Arhus, Denmark - 2 Place
24.01.2004 Nordic Championship, Finland - 2 Place
03.10.2004 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 2 Place
23.10.2004 Hessen Championship Poomsae, Friedrichsdorf - 1 Place
26.11.2005 Hessen Championship Poomsae, Nieder Roden - 1 Place
03.06.2006 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Freigericht - 1 Place
19.12.2006 Hessen Championship Poomsae, Aarbergen - 1 Place
26.05.2007 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Freigericht - 1 Place
03.10.2007 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 1 Place
03.10.2007 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Wiesbaden, - Team 1 Place
11.11.2007 Hessen Championship Poomsae, Korbach - 1 Place
11.11.2007 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Korbach, - Team 1 Place
22.11.2008 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 1 Place
19.05.2012 Open Hessencup Poomsae, Hainhausen - 1 Place
15.09.2012 HTU Open Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 1 Place
17.11.2012 Hessen Champ. Poomsae, Korbach - 1 Place
23.04.2013 Open Hessen Cup Poomsae, Wiesbaden - 1 Place


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